The Sawmill

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  • Owner of the mill: Sawyer Mickels(*),
  • His wife: Clarella(*)


They got married, he owns a sawmill. Hopefully this will get more interesting.

Locals believe Clarella is a native to the valley; her father and mother both were born here. They died in a freak storm in the year ??? when Clarella was only 7. She was raised with he many orphans that the valley seems to collect. Priest Abelor speaks highly of the dutiful and hardworking young woman. And yet most people have problems remembering specific details about her background.

Sayer Mickels stumbled into the valley one day, with very little memory and even less possessions. He was badly hurt and Clarella was one of many who nursed him back to health. When someone mentioned a need for board-feet of plywood, he surprised everyone by building the sawmill. He knew how to make the blades and build the sawing mechanism, enlisting locals as needed.

Over the years Sayer Mickels developed the habit of walking the bounds of the valley; locals believe he's looking for his memories out there. Carella often expressed curiosity, but never travels with him. Whenever he comes back, however, he often has a solution to the problems that plaigue him, his wife, or the village.

Adventure Seeds

The miller contacts the characters and asks them to undertake a dangerous quest to free he and his wife from a curse they've been living under.


Sawyer Mickels and his wife are actually trolls, bound by a troll curse to live life as humans. As is so often the way in Scourwind Valley, fixing one problem may lead to others for meddlesome or inquisitive adventurers.

Sawyer Mickels was a powerful shaman, still wanted in the many outlying lands for the atrocities he committed. His memory is truly gone. His memory comes back in bits and pieces, mostly factual information when he needs it most. He knows something is wrong with him and his wife, but he cannot figure out what's changed. Maybe something's always been wrong.


Is this all you people think about?

Sawyer Mickels can offer to help the party with answering odd questions or dealing with puzzles and riddles. He gains the information via his long walks.


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  • Could he have a familiar that hides in the woods. The familiar is looking out for Mickels and his wife and knows the whole story; but is reluctant to tell it. Until recently Mickels was happy. But what changed? Maybe Clarisa and Mickels can't have kids because of the curse? Or is that too sappy.


Sawyer Mickels

Stat Block (D&D 3.x): Male human, Com2; Str 15, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 9; hp 10; AC 11.
Background: He was a troll, now he's a smelly human…please help him.
Secrets: He made a pact with a demon that went horribly wrong…he was trying to curse Clarella(*), but got trapped in it himself.

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