Scourwind Valley

This isn’t so much of a setting as it is a set, a small, defined area that can be dropped into any fantasy campaign setting with little to no adjustment. Other "campaign sets" off the top of my head include the City of Freeport, Mongoose's Cities of Fantasy series, and even Planescape's Sigil. Feel free to add other sets if you think of them(*).

Project Needs

  • Roleplaying Worldbuilders to flesh out and create locations and characters.
  • Artists and Cartographers to provide inspiration and map the valley, settlements, and encounter areas.

Project Participants: Propagandroid, Xagyg, [Ketherian]


Scourwind* Valley is an isolated region surrounded by states that have been warring for almost a century. It is a mystery(*) how the fertile, trail-laden valley has managed to escape the attention of the armies that cross the mountains each spring, but they are untouched by the devastation that a century of warfare brings.

What I'd Like to See

Let's develop this valley…the story, the locations, the people, and the adventures. I think it would be awesome to do this in a modular fashion, so that each new entry stands alone but is also tied into the Valley somehow. Interlinking elements can call out those links in the blocks. Here is an example of each type of element and the block format I'd like to use (as with everything, feel free to make suggestions as to how to change or add to these):


  1. The Sawmill.
  2. The Mill.
  3. The Obelisk.

Story Element: Peace in the Valley

Scourwind Valley is under a self-imposed curse of its own. A local hero made a pact with what he thought was an angel of good, but turned out to be a demon, that has saved the valley from the surrounding wars. Three generations of the Valley's denizens were born monsters in human form, and after 100 years the monsters would take over their human hosts. The characters are of the first non-monstrous generation, and they're about to get a big surprise.
Adventure Seeds: How will the characters eventually discover this? In time to stop the reversion, or when they suddenly find themselves in a valley filled with monsters? *

  1. Could the characters have monstrous blood, giving them access to greater powers?(*)

Is this our map?



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