The Obelisk


Deep in a secluded part of the forest there is a quiet clearing, where stands 'The Obelisk'. Ancient, this needle of stone has stood for countless decades and time has eroded the engravings on it to the point of obscurity. Nature has also sought to reclaim the stone, covering with vines and lichen. However, despite all of this, there is a power here that can be felt by all who enter the glade.

Legends say that a great Elven hero is burried here. His death being the result of vanquishing a great evil, who stole and corrupted his one true love. Mortally wounded, and with nothing to live for, he passed from this realm and was laid to rest in a remote place to be forgotten.

Adventure Seeds

  • Underneath the obelisk is indeed the tomb of a great fallen hero, who was interred with items of great power. These items will be necessary to combat the return of the hero's nemesis, but the dead sometimes have trouble letting go of their possessions (or forgiving grave robbers)…..
  • The hero did fall before being burried beneath the obelisk, however it was a fall from grace. The evil power won that day, the hero following his true love in to corruption. This was not the end though, for the true love chose the evil power over the now fallen hero. Having lost it all, the once-hero went on a murderous rampage, was killed, and returned in undeath. Another battle ensued and he is now imprisoned eternally beneath the obelisk, waiting for someone to break the seal and release him. (Combine this with the 1st adventure seed and have the PCs release fallen hero accidently…. now the'll have two threats to contend with!)
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