The Mill


* Owner of the mill: Tobby Miller(*),
* His wife: Alenia (*),
* The muleright: Jackob and ??? (*)


The same day that the old miller died, Tobby walked into the village looking for a job. He came with two mules of supplies. Jackob, an old man who worked for Kathor, accepted Tobby and taught him to work the mill. Tobby met Alenia, a local girl, and married her.

Jackob is as old as anyone can remember. He raises mules. Twice a year he travels out of the valley and comes back with a year's worth of grain.

Adventure Seeds

Jackob doesn't talk. And no one knows where he goes. Everyone assumes he leaves the valley, but he only makes two trips a year. The mill provides all the flour for the valley and even has a little bit to trade. But the amount of land under the plough shouldn't produce this much flour.(*)




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  • The mill can produce more than just flour?
  • How do we make the mill the monster? Jackob is its keeper.



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