Invite Your Friends!

You and I both know that there is a lot of underappreciated design talent out there, but we also know:

Not everyone was born as talented as us.

Undertake every invitation with that in mind. Invite your elite friends, leave the readers and complainers in the basement.

We want doers here, not talkers.

That's not to say talking isn't valuable…some of our best members will be those who take serious looks at the work we're doing and post their suggestions, criticisms, and their praise.

Remember, positivity and constructive engagement is the vibe here at The Gamer Dome.

Oh, and one last thing…this page shows who invited whom, so if you invite a buncha jackmonkeys, I'm liable to nuke you!

Have a nice day! :)

Inviting users has been disabled due to severe abuse. Admins can still send email invitations via site admin dashboard.
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