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Alone, we're just voices on a forum, but together we can recreate the gaming world in our image!

What are we doing here?

You are here to share your knowledge, enthusiasm, imagination, and skills with the gaming community at large. I'm here to facilitate and direct the design challenges that lay ahead of us.

What is here anyway?

This wiki is a shared design space and homebrew archive for roleplaying games, board games, card games, and collectible card and miniature games. I've started us off with a few projects, but feel free to bring your own! Whether you're a board and card game designer looking for iterations on your latest project or a dedicated DM looking to flesh out part of your campaign world more quickly than you could do it alone, this is the place. Just join up, make a new section for your project (FAQ will be up soon, including a step-by-step process for starting your own project), and start attracting people to it!

Some of the possibilities I'm envisioning include:

  • Roleplaying Games: Community-built campaign settings; community-driven rules subsystems; a central depository for homebrew rules for all editions of D&D, as well as other games as we get interest from the community.
  • Board Games: Community-contributed rule variants; unofficial expansions (I'd love to host some complete Runebound sets using the templates found here); links to files around the Web for various games. (
  • Card Games: Community-created custom cards; links to online resources and manufacturers.
  • Collectible Games: Community-created projects like new sets for defunct games, links to content (especially links to content for dead games that may be hard to find). The fan-created sets for Dreamblade Miniatures on the WotC forums are a perfect example of this.

This site is also a bit of an experiment in multi-platform communication and development for hobby gamers. Those of you who follow my blog know that I agree with The DM when he says that hobby gamers are behind the times when it comes to online communication. I say that doesn't have to be so. I've set up forums here on this wiki, and I'm going to be discussing our ongoing projects often at The Gamer Dome blog. I hope you'll join me there to participate.

Positivity and Constructive Enthusiasm Are the Rule

I'm not going to post a long list of rules and such, as I don't like them. But there is one thing that I'll enforce above all else: positive feedback and forward progress are the keys to our success. Flames, negativity, and the users who bring them will be subject to immediate disintegration.

Open Projects

I am opening three projects to start this site off.

Cinematic Sands - A timer-based cinematic resolution system for use in roleplaying games.

scourwind-valley - A drop-in campaign setting (a campaign set?) for use with a low-level campaign arc, or with E6.

4e House Rules Central - A 4e D&D houserule repository.

Other projects can be opened by request, and I'll be inviting some scattered projects across the Web to join forces with us here to create a massive community of creators.


If you have any questions or comments, please comment on the blog or email me.


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