adventure seeds

Various adventure seeds for the "Thousand Mountains" campaign project:

  • Life in Greenvale is quiet… most of the time. Every three months a caravan comes through from Laric's Gate. All the townsfolk greet the caravan merchants and hope to get a preview of their wares. This time, however, something is wrong. The caravan had been attacked just a few miles South of Greenvale. The caravan master and serval wounded merchants are all that arrive, leading a train of wagons wearily in to town. "It was at Paddon's Crossing, right before we got on the bridge." He explains. "Goblins. They came out of the woods and threw nets on us while some shot arrows from bushes. Those they ensnared were quickly dragged off in to the woods. When the rest of us managed to slay a few, they took off. They never even tried to take the wares! It was the people they were after!" Some one needs to save the merchants. The caravan master offers to pay 200 gold for the return of his people. "I know their lives are worth a hundred times more, but it is all I have to give. Please, someone rescue them!"
  • Laric's Gate. In the Frontier ward, there are always would-be explorers who are looking to hire adventurers to serve as guides or bodyguards on their treks in to the Yusan jungles. How much they pay usually depends on how much they expect to gain from their expeditions. Some go in search of fabled cities of gold and a share of the countless riches as payment. Others go to study or trade with the savage tribes deep in the steamy jungles and offer a more realistic payment in return. Sometimes they just need help finding the last expedition…..
  • On a bright, sunny day, the PCs are taking some time relaxing and enjoying the nice weather. While at a fairly private area along the river (swimming, fishing, sunbathing, etc.), something floats lazily downstream towards them. Almost immediately the flotsom is recognizable as that of a person, face down in the water. As he is pulled ashore, more details are ascertained: a human male, past middle age but not elderly, shirtless but still wearing scale mail leggins. His tunic, once fine, is tattered and stained. Lastly, his back has been terribly scourged, defacing the full back tattoo of Bahamut. His fore arms are also similarly flayed, leaving the tattooed prayers to Bahamut there barely legible.


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