Laric's Gate

Laric's Gate, a fledgling city, sits precariously on the Anoc Falls, where the Na-Duhr river drops nearly six hundred feet, before continuing its journey through the dense jungles of Yusan.


The true history of his exotic city is lost, outshined by legends and myths which are recognized as facts. However, many of these accepted myths contradict one another, so only the most powerful diviners can ever hope to uncover the truth.

The most widely believed legends say that the ancient primordials built a city over, so that its inhabitants could view the lush jungles below and marvel at their power. This is widely accepted to the majestic panoramo viewable from the crest of the falls, and it neatly explains the ancient and cryptic ruins upon which Laric's Gate is built.

As far as the newer city built upon these ruins, even the origin of its name is debated. Most commonly it is believe that Laric was the name of a great warrior, and it was upon this site that he made his last stand against a great horde of fiends from the depths of the Yusan jungles. With his last mighty battle, the falls become a veritable 'gate' through which he would let no evil pass. This story is lent a lot of credibility due to the immense and aged statue at the crest of the falls. Here, captured in stone and standing nearly fifty feet tall, is the depiction of a warrior in a commanding stance with his sword held high. Inscribed upon the base of this great edifice is simply the word "LARIC". Time has worn many of the distinguishing features from the stone warrior and now, not even his race can be said with great certainty.

The City

As far as cities go, Laric's Gate is truly unique in the known realms. Built upon ancient ruins that once spanned the falls and then climbling down the cliff face like ivy, the true beauty of the city's craftsmanship can only be viewed from the Yusan jungles below. The most notable feature when approaching from the North, is the great statue of Laric at the crest of the falls.
Laric's serves as the Southern most civilized settlement before the seemingly endless Yusan jungles. At the top of the Anoc Falls, the Na-Duhr river widens and parts of Laric's Gate lie on both sides and on an enormous outcropping of rock in the middle of the falls itself. Each of these three pieces of the city then also continue nearly halfway down the Anoc Falls, with the breathtaking Anoc Basin below.
The three wards of Laric's Gate (Western, Eastern and Falls wards respectively) are connected by a series of great stone bridges at the top of the falls.
The Western Ward, also known as the Frontier Ward, offers travellers the safest route to the basin and jungles below. Because of this, most adventurers find themselves spending their time here. Exotic goods coming in from and supplies for surviving the jungles are most abundant here, as are those selling their services as guides, mercenaries, and the like. The lower one travels down the cliff face in this ward, the more frontier-like it becomes.
The Falls Ward, where the statue of Laric presides is mostly comprised of government buildings and public squares. The cliff face of this ward, being much shorter than the sections of the city on either side of the river, is comprised completely of the royal palace and gardens. The only land bound access to the royal palace is through a heavily guarded gatehouse at the the base of the statue of Laric.
Lastly, there is the Eastern Ward, which is most commonly referred to as 'The City'. It is here, protected by a fortified wall and the cliffs, that the residents of Laric's Gate truly live, work and play. Markets and shops, private residences, industry and even academia reside here in a compact version of any other city in the realms.


Laric's Gate is ruled by Lady Tiba, the current matriarch of the royal family (of Dragonborn) who have ruled over Laric's Gate for as long as any can remember. Like nearly all of her predecessors, Lady Tiba governs with a very relaxed style. This is to say, law and order is kept with a law enforcement force, and there is a standing military. However the citizens are left to their day to day affairs with out much other guidance from Lady Tiba and royal family.

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