Port Sirrus

Situated in a narrow fjor off a large secluded bay, Port Sirrus started out as nothing more than a base camp for the Captain Sirrus's band of pirates. The large deep bay, being walled in by steep cliffs on all sides provided safe harbor for the pirate lord's fleets, while the only crack in the mountains allowed access to great fertile valley, similarly walled like the bay. A pirate lord could ask for no more in a defendable haven. However, Captain Sirrus was a pirate lord who wore his mantle of leadership seriously. Soon after establishing his perfect base, other lesser pirates sought his sheltered port and protection. With in no time, the camp became a town referred to as Port Sirrus, where all manner of pirate and scruple less merchants stopped regularly to trade wares and lay low.
Of course such a place attracted the attention of others and before long Port Sirrus became a bonafide city, spilling back from its narrow stretch of beach through the pass and even a little in to the valley beyond.

Port Sirrus is, technically, the largest governed area in the 'Thousand Mountains' region, as the entire Bay of Triona falls under its jurisdiction. Despite its beginnings as a pirate lord's base of operations, Port Sirrus is actually governed. Captain Sirrus set a simple code of laws in place and ruled until his dying day, when he named a successor. This method of finding new rulership has been followed since and has worked surprisingly well over the the few decades of the city's life.

Captain Sirrus's Laws
  • Murder with in the city is prohibited and punishable by death (preferred method being hanging or left to rot in a cage suspended from the cliff over the sea until dead)
  • Thievery with in the city is prohibited and punishable by amputation of a hand
  • Treason, or any act detrimental to the city as a haven, is punishable by death
  • Duels (fighting with lethal force/weapons) is only allowed when both parties agree on the terms (must have third party witnesses)
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