Thousand Mountains

The 'Thousand Mountains' region is a series of verdent valleys and small plains nestled among towering peaks. No nation is able to claim ownership of the remote region, leaving the area mostly unsettled. The few towns and communties spotted through out the area live quietly, trading periodically with the far away cities.

Two moons grace the night sky: Berian, a large white disc that drifts slowly through the heavens; and Denae, a small reddish orb hastily running its course. Tales tell that when these moons are at different phases of their respective cycles, mystic portals open in specific locations that can transport one somewhere else many leagues away, or even to the Feywild. Most people living in the region believe these gates do exist, though ask who has actually seen one and no one is able to answer.1


Greenvale – a quiet town nestled in a particularly verdant valley, with a population of 1300, composed of nearly all races. The valley is surrounded by various points of interest for adventurers as well as being not too far off from oft used trade routes.
Population: 1300; with another 200 living in the surrounding area. Most of Greenvale’s residents are Humans, Elves and Halflings, with Dwarves being very common. It is also home to a small population of Eladrin as well. Dragonborn and Tieflings in Greenvale are typically travelers passing through.
Government: Greenvale is governed by a theocratic mayor, known as the 'Exalted Warden'. This is a hereditary position that can be striped from one family and given to another. However, it has been in the same family since Greenvale's founding. The current Exalted Warden is Kelvant Artonna, an elderly human who will soon pass the title to his only daughter

The Drowsy Arbor – Once a Tiefling monastery, this single building built atop a hill has been converted into an inn/rest stop for travelers. Located just outside of the small town of Greenvale, the owner/proprietor is a brawny half elf named Grindol.
Grindol was raised in a nearby Dwarven community, after his parents and village was overrun by Gnoll Marauders. After a brief adventuring career, he bought ‘the Arbor’ and settled down with his wife (Messinda, an Elf Warlock) to raise a family.
The Drowsy Arbor itself is a sole building built into a large round hill. The main floor consists of a large taproom and a kitchen. Upstairs are two floors that house Grindol and his family, while below the taproom (built down into the hill) are two floors of rooms for guests to stay. Most of the rooms for guests have small windows that look out the North side of the hill.

Flooded Mountain – A lone, but gargantuan mountain sits, surrounded by water, almost like a natural moat. Rumors say that the mountain itself is filled with water and if cracked open it would flood the valley. These rumors are kept alive by the many natural (supernatural?) springs that well up and trickle down the slopes.

Valley of Horrors – this winding valley is a veritable crack in the mountains and its walls are dotted with a multitude of caves and crevasses. Here many creatures, natural and aberration, make their homes. *Think ‘Caves of Chaos’ from Keep on the Borderlands.

Ent Glade – Little is known of this remote clearing amongst the wood valleys. Tales tell that this stretch of meadow is where the Ents convene on nights when the moons are full. Some people say that the Ents will give counsel to those who come with questions of great importance, or gifts.

The Twin Fires – This dual volcano is said to house the forges of a Fire Titan lord, named Azgarrott. People whisper that when great gouts of flame jet from these, the Titan lord crafts his magic arms and armor. Whether this is true or not, fires can often be seen bursting forth from the mouths of these volcanoes, with no discernable pattern or reason. On clear nights, the locals also say that you can hear the giants feasting in their halls.

The Ghost Wood – Dark and foreboding, this forest of twisted and cursed trees is obviously no place for the sane to visit. Nestled in a valley, sitting in the shadow of the Twin Fires, it is no wonder why people say this wood is haunted. Spectral figures move between the black, gnarled trunks and the thick canopy of dark leaves blots out the sun. If this does not deter visitors, then the monstrous webs that clot the pathways should….

Devil Lake – This loch, containing some of the purest water to be found in the realms, sits atop the lonely windswept peaks. While the picture of nature’s beauty, dark tales tell of a ‘devil’s playground’ on its shores. Regardless of these hellish tales, Devil Lake and its surrounding area is regarded as the ancestral birthplace of Ogres and Trolls, from before they became dim witted brutes. Ancient lore speaks of powerful magic and a oneness with nature that was lost to the evil creatures in a tragic fall from paradise. Some say that some of these ancestral creatures still live around Devil Lake…

Laric's Gate - Far to the South, at the Anoc Falls, the Na-Duhr river tumbles down in to the Yusan jungles. At these falls is the city of Laric's Gate.

Port Sirrus - Originally a pirate camp, this den of villainy rapidly grew to the corrupt metropolis port that it is today. Located in a large deep bay with a narrow fjord that opens to a secluded valley, if offers the perfect defense against assaults. Unfortunately for those who visit, any assault will probably come from the inhabitants and not from outside the city…

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