Valley of Horrors

Sites of Interest in the ‘Valley of Horrors’ (view map in 'files' section of this page)


Dark Oracle – High atop this mountain peak stands a small, solitary stone temple. Dedicated to some long lost and forgotten god, this temple houses an oracle. Few, however, visit due to the rumors of the oracle’s high price of blood for her prognostications. Tales tell of people visiting the oracle and never returning.
“The Boneyard” – The sandy stretch of shore, along a small lake, is literally blanketed with bones. The entire area, a few hundred square feet, is carpeted so thickly that the bones are over four feet deep in spots and the ground cannot be seen. How these bones all came to be here, no one is sure. One thing is certain though, while all the bones are picked clean, some are quite fresh.
“The Tower” – An ancient stone bell tower crowns this craggy peak. From its perch, the tower surveys the entire region and watches over the entrance to the Valley of Horrors. Who built this edifice and when, no one remembers, but sometimes the bell still tolls in the night….
Gargoyle Roost – From the valley floor one can see the various caves that mark the entrance to a gargoyle aerie.
Hag’s Lair – Discarded bones and the stench of some horrible brew are the first indications that you are nearing the hag’s lair. In a deep cave the hag lives, concocting potions and practicing her dark arts. Those who are very brave (or perhaps very foolish) have visited the hag and received her boon, though the ‘price’ for such favors can be expensive.
Hidden Glade – Tales tell of a hidden glade, accessible only through the caves in the Valley of Horrors. What lies in this secret glen depends on who is telling the tale, but the rumors range from magical beauty to the darkest evil.

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